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The Simple Search

Text to Search For:
Boolean: Case

Tips ---

  • Begin with your search words, for example, pain, or medication, or a short phrase which includes the words pain and/or medication. If this does not produce the desired material, try adding words -- pain, control -- or mix the search words -- control, medication, side-effects -- or chain the words together by adding the + sign -- pain+medication+control.
  • To narrow the search, add quotation marks to your search string -- "pain control".
    • CASE SENSITIVE means that capital-P Pain will not match small-p pain.
    • AND, as in doctors AND nurses.
    • OR, as in doctors OR interns.
    • NOT, this is either used as doctors NOT nurses or nurses AND NOT doctors.
    • NESTED PARENTHESES, as in ("small cell" AND "lung cancer") AND NOT ("non small cell")
    • BOOLEAN PHRASE -- ("small cell" and "lung cancer") and not ("non small cell") ("non small cell")

Final Tip:
Do the same search on another day. We continually strive to update or add new information.

Based on Simple Search created by Matt Wright.

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